4 pieces to each blog:

Piece 1 – Your headline should match what you think the client is typing to find information (stop with the cute headlines).  Match your headline to what they are typing and your blog will rank higher with Google

Piece 2 –  Add a deep link:  Example: you are talking about horse properties and your link sends them to your home page, you will loose the customer (bounce rate) immediately.  Instead send them to the results page from your eEdge system (if you are with kw) to horse properties in your community.  Take a moment and run the search results yourself and grab/insert that hyperlink.

Piece 3 – Powerful Call to Action!  Write your blogs with embedded commands and tie-downs.  Make the reader want to reach out to you.  Use your BOLD scripts!

Piece 4 – Your contact information MUST be included with the blog.  Logical, right?!  Most forget to do this!

Do these things and you will start to see your blogs return you leads and business!

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**info learned via Chad Hyams MAPS BOLD Tech